Rental Homes

Amron Group OÜ offers homes for rent in different size and price ranges in the Kristiine district.

The Endla 58 building has compact one- and two-bedroom apartments that are renovated and fully furnished. In the ground floor there are two commercial properties which are easily accessed from the street.

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The building at Kibuvitsa 20 has slightly larger two- and three-bedroom apartments that are renovated and fully furnished. In the ground floor there are two commercial properties, one of which can be accessed from the street. The other has a terrace facing the courtyard that catches the evening sun.

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The Mehaanika 5 building has only four apartments, offering its residents plenty of room and privacy. The apartments has three- or four-bedrooms, are fully furnished and 3 of them has a big terrace or a balkony. The apartments can be rented starting from spring 2019. If you really love the apartment you are renting, we can also offer you the chance to buy it. But first you can try it out and see if it is the new home for you. Read more