Mehaanika 5

Mehaanika 5 was the first prefabricated timber element apartment building in Estonia. Wood is a renewable natural resource which lives and breathes. Despite the myths that timber houses are a fire hazard, the building meets all modern fire safety standards and is as stable and safe as a brick house.

Mehaanika 5 was built on plate foundations. The building itself is a prefabricated timber element house produced in the Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ factory, which has modern, fully automatic CNC robotics and experienced specialists and meets international standards for construction and the ISO 9001 - 2015 quality standards, guaranteeing that every element of the building meets strict quality standards.

The building elements are produced in dry, controlled settings and carefully packed on the way to the construction site in order to guarantee high-quality assembly of the elements. The ‘box’ of the building along with its roof were erected in just 3.5 weeks. Images of the construction of the building can be seen below.

There are drainage systems around the building which lead to a container where the water is filtered and reused in toilet cisterns and for watering plants. The rest of the water ends up in moisture-absorbing boxes in the ground in the green area, where the water is slowly absorbed into the soil.


Each apartment has large, triple-glazed terrace windows with wooden frames, providing the interiors with a lot of natural light and openness. Most of the apartments have large balconies that can be accessed from the kitchen, living room and bedroom. The other rooms have full-length openable windows with French balconies.

Throughout the building, all of the apartments and the stairwell have adjustable underfloor heating. This means the aesthetics of the interior design are not disrupted by radiators. Every apartment has a ventilation system with heat recovery that can be regulated.

The courtyard has a playing area for children as well as a sitting area for adults. Each apartment comes with its own parking space and a storage space in the yard. The interior details were designed by interior architect Mari-Liis Raudjärv.

The building has three- and four-bedroom apartments that were completed in spring 2019.

You can start by renting and then decide if it is a home you would like to buy.