Kibuvitsa 20

The building and all of its apartments were renovated in 2016. A third rooftop storey was built, which has two spacious apartments with large windows facing onto the courtyard and dormers facing onto the street. The limestone foundations of the building have been plastered and insulated with 100-mm thick fibreboards. The timber log walls have been insulated with ISOVER RKL 31 FACADE 100-mm mineral wool fibreboards. All of the windows have been replaced with triple-pane windows with wooden frames, which have Biobe fresh air ventilation systems built into them. The building's facade was completed with wooden panels, to which the different coloured decorative and corner panels and diverse window cornices add a touch of individuality. This solution lends the building a dignified, beautiful and eye-catching appearance.

The building has a separate technical room where you can find fully automated gas heating, which regulates the heating according to the outside temperature. The room is properly ventilated and has gas and smoke detectors that shut off the gas automatically if they detect a leak.

In the yard there is an enclosed and secure car park. Kibuvitsa 20 is also in a free parking zone. In addition, residents will find a beautiful green space in the courtyard, with a large table and benches as well as a fenced-off playing area for children.